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English Speaking Club of Antsirabe

Practice makes your English perfect.


The objectives of the club are to attract members to promote English Conversation among Malagasy and other non English speaking people.

Only English and Malagasy languages should be used. This is not discriminatory in anyway, but the best way to help members to improve their English.

The club will be run by committee in a democratic manner, non profit making, keeping proper audited accounts.

Members are invited to help with input on topics of conversation, ie., tourism, conservation, economy, business, politics, education, environment, culture, family, leisure, generation gap, food, holiday, etc.



The Club will be secular and apolitical. Therefore, all types of topical conversations will be permitted for debating and all views also will be respected, providing that it promotes the objective of the club and is conformed with common sense and to the Malagasy culture in order to avoid any conflict between the members.

Nevertheless, violent arguments, swearing, personal insults, religious or political abuse, discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. One verbal warning will be issued to anyone breaking this rule, and afterwards the membership will be revoked.



We welcome everyone who would like to join our club. If you want to be in our community, do come to our regular meeting which takes place on Saturdays from 2:30PM to 4:30PM at Caren Karen (inside the Region office yard). The club usually have meeting at this place. Updates and latest news about the club, however, are posted in our active Facebook group: ESCA (English Speaking Club of Antsirabe). Therefore, feel free to join this group and do come to our fabulous meetings. We are always thrilled to welcome new members among us.


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At Karen Caren on every Saturday, from 2:30PM to 4:30PM
+261 34 80 717 34
English Speaking Club of Antsirabe (ESCA)