BLOOM'IN Events Agency

Events Agency
Agence Galana 1st floor, Lot 0512 B 62 Tsarasaotra, Antsirabe 110
034 64 234 46 / 033 07 188 81 / 032 67 985 66

"Bloom'in" or more precisely "Blooming" means "blossoming" or "flowering". We chose this term as a corporate name to enable us to mark our imprint on the world of events in Madagascar. Everything has a beginning, a fulfillment and an end, but the most important for a business is its fulfillment; or if it is compared to a flower, it is its flowering.  

"Bloom'in" is an agency of decoration and event organization, such as:

* Wedding

** Show

*** Theme events

**** Various receptions

***** Ceremony and Salon



Bloom'in offers various services for its clients:

* Decoration

** Rental and sale (decorative items)

*** Animation

**** Events organization


Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be more than happy to collaborate with you!

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