Planting trees

Planting trees

Planting trees, saving our environment, saving our planet.

Madagascar has been a victim of deforestation for several years which sadly turned the country from a “Green” to “Red Island”. Apart from the color matter, which is probably, relatively less important, there are more serious threats affecting the nation when it comes to the national environment. 

Several parts of Madagascar have been experiencing environmental issues touching negatively not only people’s farming businesses but also in the way they daily feed their family. One of the worst illustration of this fact can be seen in the southern part of the country, more precisely in the so called “Androy” region. Habitants in this area have been  experiencing the lack of rain and water for decades. In the most destitute area of the region, a bottle of water appears to be ridiculously expensive and some people have to walk even several miles just to find water for their needs. Former productive areas are getting less fertile and farmers are currently struggling to get  sufficient agricultural production, particularly those who rely on the traditional ways to irrigate their lands. Because of the local environment issues, the overall ratio of agricultural production has dramatically known declines over the recent years in Madagascar. The impact of this issue in the national economy is significant as well as in the citizen’s life and even in the future of the country. 

Being aware of this threat, several public and governmental organisations have taken actions in order to alleviate the damage of climate change in the country and most importantly to save the environment for the future generations. In this token, on the last Friday of February 2020, while everyone was supposed to get busy with their usual occupations, DHL Antsirabe, Madafocus, Street Kids and ESCA decided to take collective actions on making the region greener by planting trees. After commuting for a half an hour, more than 200 saplings had been planted in a rural place called “Ankofafabe'' in Sambaina which is about 45km from Antsirabe on the way to Antananarivo. Interestingly, there is also a local organisation named: VOI (Vondron'olona Ifotony) who takes care of the young trees as a follow up action which should be taken for the freshly planted trees. People in that association have been trained for this kind of activity and we can’t thank them enough because otherwise, these initiatives and efforts on saving the environment would be in vain.

This wonderful event with slightly more than 40 people was ended by a delicious lunch together in La Cabane Restaurant thanks to the organizers from DHL Antsirabe.

At the end of the day, planting about 200 saplings might not produce a significant impact in our environment but if each individual takes such initiative, our nation will be much greener and essentially we actually take part in saving our planet.




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